Contrology of the Mind, Body and Soul

Our Retreat is set in a beautiful and peaceful environment, in over an acre of gardens. It is open to everyone, both men and women of any age, fitness ability and level of Pilates experience.

For £30 this half day Retreat will enable you to restore yourself to wellbeing and relaxation, re-establish balance in body and mind, clear congested energy or blocks with meridian tracing, with the intention of improving the flow of energy. 


Each Retreat follows a different theme according to the body's energy centres, the 7 main Chakras. The afternoon can incorporate some massage, trigger point therapy, mindfulness, meditation, energy healing, Reiki and of course Pilates.

The mix of Meditation and Pilates will also help to reduce anxiety and tiredness, and create total relaxation.


Joseph Pilates founded Pilates in the early 20th century but he actually named it 'Contrology'.
Contrology is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.

Using the Pilates concepts you will concentrate on posture, balance and flexibility as well as using the mind body connection, therefore being aware of your body position, movement and breathing throughout each movement, this together with meditation will help you to reach a place of balance between the spirit, body and health.



- Wear comfortable clothing which you can move freely in
- Bring with you a blanket/ fleece and pillow/ cushion
- Bring with you a warm pair of socks (for meditation)
- Provide your own snacks
- Parking is available on site
- Please bring your own Pilates mat and equipment although (covid-19 safe) spares are available

- Be aware that the Pilates element of the day will be performed on mats on the floor, if you have any mobility issues please inform Polly for alternative arrangements.

**Tea/ coffee and water will be provided

£30 payment is required to secure your place - booking via my GYMCATCH APP or Website (for desktop)  (provider - Pilates with Polly)